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A tale of kabaddi, Bangladesh's national sport | Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh is a South Asian country bordered by Burma and India. It has a great love of sports and is their main form of entertainment. The traditional sport on the Bangladeshi culture is called Kabaddi which is a contact sport that originated from India. It is a great pastime and was even used by the British Army both for fun and to recruit soldiers from the Asian communities.

Recently though, Bangladesh has come to love playing cricket which has gained national notoriety. The popularity of cricket started when their Bangladesh national cricket team took the ICCP Trophy in 1997 which then made them qualify for the 1999 Cricket World Cup which was mostly held in England. In 2011, Bangladesh co-hosted the Cricket World Cup along with Sri Lanka and India.

Other popular games in Bangladesh include football, hockey and even chess. As a matter of fact, Bangladesh has produced many of the world’s best chess players like Niaz Murshed, the first grandmaster out South Asia (1987).

Although Bangladesh has participated in all seven Summer Olympic Games since 1984, sadly, they have never won any medals. It is one of the most populous countries that are yet to receive a single Olympic victory.

Popular sports of Bangladesh

  • Cricket, Football (soccer), hockey (field)

Traditional or Regional Sports

  • Kabaddi - a "raider" enters the opposite team's half to tag opponents without taking a breath.
  • Boli Khela - a full contact combat sport in which the fighters use techniques like clinching, throwing, joint locking, pinning holds, and several other grappling holds.

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