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Oil & Gas are very essential for our daily life. Before discovering of Oil & Gas, timber and wood were the main element of cooking and other burning works. For that, huge amount of tress were cut down for only collect more woods. These were very harmful for our environment. But, now these problems have solved mostly by using Oil & Gas. For this purpose many Oil & Gas Industries have established. These industries need different equipments for produce fresh Oil & Gas.

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Top Companies

Name Category Phone
Ema Lamination
Lamination +880-2-7100726, 7100392, 9100317
Fine Label & Offset Printers
Lamination +880-2-7100611
Trade Corporation
Photographic Equipments +880-2-9556474, 9556477
National Copy Company
Lamination +880-2-9550262
Ocean Trade International
Steel/Stainless Steel Super Alloys +880-2-8816586-8, 8816583
Commercial Enterprise
Lamination +880-2-9563849-50, 9552227
Sawrab Trading Corporation
Lamination +880-2-7168575
Hasan Trade
Photographic Equipments +880-2-9550401
Eastern Housing Ltd.
Lamination +880-2-9566303-5, 9566353-4, 9566312, 95
Lamination System
Lamination +880-2-7168575, 7162605, 01199-876444

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