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News & Media both are very important for modern life. By these we can know daily local and world happenings. By help of these, we do not need to go in the happening spot or hear from other. News & Media give us those real happenings news. Now, we can see what is happening in the other countries by only a TV channel or Radio station. These were not possible previous times. We can see or hear these easily, but their making processes are not so easy. To make them need different News & Media related goods and Broadcast Production Houses.

Addressbazar is an Online Business Directory which will help and guide you to get vast of informations about numerous Broadcast Production Houses, Media Product Promotion & Sales, and many other News & Media related informations.

For your convenience, Addressbazar listed particular address, city and country name, contact information, website link, description of every individual sub category of News & Media related informations. Addressbazar always keeps update of their informative informations for you. Thus, you can get updated News & Media related informations for both of your individual and professional needs. So, always keep an eye on Addressbazar for getting your necessary updates of News & Media related informations.

Top Companies

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Colour Systems
Identity Card Supplier +880-2-8321881, 8314109
Friends International Ltd.
Office Machineries & Equipments +880-2-9556058, 9568768, 7169264, 01711-
Barcode Automation Ltd.
Identity Card Supplier +880-2-8815247, 8817403
The Bangladesh Laminator
Electrical Switches, Socket & Accessories +880-2-9354797, 9338569
ARDENT (Marketing & Communication Ltd)
Identity Card Supplier +880-2-9553499, 9559128
Shova Enterprise
Identity Card Supplier +880-2-9562771
Office Mask
Identity Card Supplier +880-2-9561278, 9552998
Ad Print
Lamination +880-2-8311348, 9351561

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