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Transportation is the movement of public, supplies and animals from one place to another place. Modes of transport contain road, air, rail, water, pipeline, space, and cable. The field can be divided into vehicles, infrastructure, and operations. Transportation is essential since it facilitates trade among peoples, which in turn launches civilizations. There are different Transportation Services are available for the development of Transportation.

Transportation services means the mode of moving fuel from the point of purchase to the receiving station, including all related costs and activities.

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Top Companies

Name Category Phone
Navana Ltd.
Bus, Truck, Jeep, Car, Motorcycle Assembler +880-2-9552212, 9554748
F. K. Automobile
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-8019442
Younus Automobiles
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance 880-2-8824546
Bismilla Mechanical & Engineering Work
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-9341321
Iran Motor Co. Ltd.Momin-Motors Sales & Service
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-8015182
Milon Auto Zone
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-9888364
MAM Automobles Service Centre
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-9555100, 9551247
DHS Motors Ltd.
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-8827586, 8811476, 8812919
Victory Motors
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-9885718
Bengal Automobile
Automobile Workshop & Maintenance +880-2-9883174

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