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In this technology based world, metal is the very important factor in our daily life. We can not think industrial life without metal. Now, we can see different skyscrapers, houses, industries in all over the world. Metal is the skeleton of these buildings. Without metal no building can be build or if build their stability will be very low. As we do not think about the building, we should remember that no things in this world are not erosion free, and unlimited lasting life. They need to be repair. So, Hardware & Metal are the essential for our daily life and usually we need them for every technology steps.

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Top Companies

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Luna Toiletries Industrise
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-7318999
Square Toiletries Ltd.
Glycerine +88 0800-0888-000
Manola Perfume Chemical Inds. Ltd.
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-9568724
Aziz Care Products Ltd.
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-8812338, 9881094, 8811194
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-9552261, 955182
Ador Beauty Parlour
Toiletries +880-2-7101209,01716-203193
Quasem Cosmetics Ltd.
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-9565464-7, 9567578-81
Aromatic Cosmetics Ltd.
Talcum Powder Manufacturers +880-2-9566091-3
Lalbag Chemical & Perfumery Works Ltd.
Soaps & Detergents +880-2-9880536, 9880672
Amin Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Glycerine +880-2-9568106, 9551687

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