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Dhaka- 0000, Bangladesh
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About Water Care Bangladesh

From Innovation Flows Leadership
Established in 2001, Water Care is a leader in water purification technology for domestic,

industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water recycle and reuse,

and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Water Care has successfully executed more than 3,000 water purifier and 50 industrial project

in over countries around the bangladesh.
The phrase “From Innovation Flows Leadership” affirms Water Care customers of its

dedication to providing new technologies and processes that solve unique project challenges,

meet specific industry requirements, enhance system performance and reliability, and

significantly reduce installation time and costs.

Observing 16 years in business, water care continues to help domestic, industrial and

infrastructure markets solve the water challenges of today, including:

* Water Source/Supply Scarcity

* Water Use Restrictions

* Resource Recovery

* Reducing Energy Consumption

* Increased Life Cycle Costs

* Difficult-To- Treat Wastewater

* Environmental Mandates

Water Care offers a large portfolio of water management services designed to help plant

personnel and end user organizations get the most out of their water treatment systems. Our

services include: spare parts supply, and build-own- operate (BOO) and maintenance

contracts, technical audits, leased water treatment systems, technical training, and remote


At water Care, we strive to provide technological leadership and performance excellence to

the global water industry, and support our customers with service excellence and sustainable

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Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: Weekly Holiday
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