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About Smart Power & Technologies

Smart Power & Technologies extending you best compliments and wishes. Smart Power & Technologies producer and assembler of world’s most advanced and reliable power and digital power and digital electronic products like On -Line UPS, Off -Line UPS, VS, IVS, Sub-Station equipment, CCTV and many more . Our brand Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Bangladesh, Automatic Voltage Regulator in Bangladesh,On -Line UPS, Off -Line UPS is designed & manufactured to ensure stable AC Power supply to industries to solve the power fluctuations problem. In spite the best efforts put in by all the state Electricity Board, There is a Perpetual Problem of Voltage Fluctuations in the electricity supply. To overcome problematic scenario there is only and only one alternate “Install Automatic Servo Voltage Controller” with the installation of Automatic Servo Voltage Controller you shall have the following advantages:

1. Reduction in MDI
2. Improvement in Power Factor
3. Energy Saving Up to 10% Possible
4. Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipment Up to 95%
5. Ensure Better Productions both quantity & quality
6. Long life & better services from Machinery

Major Products :

1. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
(Both Relay & Servo)

2. Industrial Voltage Stabilizer (IVS)
(Both Air & Oil Cooled)

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
(Off -Line & True On -Line)

4. Instant Power Supply (IPS)

5. Battery Charger

6. Battery


8. Sub-Station Equipment’s
(Distribution Transformer, HT Switch gear, LT Switch gear, PFI Plant etc.)

9. LED Light ,Motion sensor (BMS)

10. And all other Electrical & Electronics equipment’s.
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Friday: Weekly Holiday
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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

650VA to 3000kVA

True On line UPS

1kVA to 400kVA

Substation Equipment's

100kVA to 10mVA

LED Light


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Smart Power & Technologies extending you best compliments and wishes

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