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House#168 Road#6A Mirpur-10,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: 01726-421-621
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About One Stop Solution Bd

About 1 Stop Solution:

1 Stop Solution Bangladesh is a well known brand of Facilities Services Provider Company in Bangladesh. 1 Stop Solution Provides all kinds of Facilities services like, Pest Control Services, Cleaning Services, Security Guard Services, Sales Man & Sales Girl Service, Peon Service, Male and Female Tutor Service, Messenger Service, Brand Promoter Service, Tea Boy Service, Maid Service, House Keeper Service, Caretaker Service, Ticket Checker Service, Cock and Chef Service, Waiter Service, Construction Lebour Service, General Lebour Service, Home Exchange Service and all kinds of outsource man power service.

1 Stop Solution Pest Control Service
1 Stop Solution is the best Pest Control Services Provider Company in Bangladesh. We have huge well trained and expert pest control technician in our reserve. So that 1 stop can provide services at a time when you contract. We can provide Guarantee for our services and we will give certificate of our services.
Our Most Common Pest Control Services:
Cockroach Control Service
Rodent Control Service
Termite Control Service
Bed Bugs Control Service
Ants Control Service
Spider Control Service
Container Fumigation Service
Industrial Fumigation Service
Residential Fumigation Service
And Agriculture Fumigation Service

Our Offices and Branches
Behind of Mirpur Fair Service,
Mirpur -10 circle
Mirpur- Dhaka

Chittagong Office:
CDA Residential Area, Near of Jambury Field- Shisu Park,

Sylhet Office:
Jail Road, Ambarkhana,

Rangpour Office:
Haji Para, Terminal Road,
Near of Shapla Chottar

Comilla Office:
Chouddogram Bazara
Chouddogram- Comilla

Khulna Office:
Doulotpur- Khulna
Business Hours
24 Hours Hot
Hot Line -01726421621
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Cockroach Control Service

1 Stop Solution Provides Guaranteed Cockroach Control Services. We apply ultimate treatment methods for controlling the cockroaches.

Termite Control Service

1 Stop Solution Provides 20 Years and 05 Year Guarantee of Termite Control Services. If Termites come back during the guarantee period then 1 stop solution provides extra services for free of cost till finish the insects

Rodent Control Service

1 Stop Solution Rodent control service can be release you from your Rat and Mouse problem. Just call us for free investigate on your properties then contract with us with a competitive cost offer.

Bugs Control Services

1 Stop Solution is the best controller of Bugs from your Beds, Carpets and Sofa. We provides 1 Year Guarantee for the Bugs Control Services.

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