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159, Mr. Jahan Bhaban, Shantinagar 1217 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka - 1203, Bangladesh
Phone: 01787820332
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Magnet CAD Solution is a company that was created with the sole intention of delivering quality Solutions & is a venture by a number of creative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic young engineers to whom designing is an act of pleasure and not just a profession. State of the art customer service and a passion for delivering uncompromised performance that would always uphold the purpose of our inception. Magnet CAD Solutions was launched and established in 2012.The company has already earned considerable repute by providing service characterized by quality, professionalism, and reliability. Our team of professionals includes not just draftsmen but qualified engineering analysts who help us evaluate the practicability of designs so that we can truly help you turn what you visualize into reality. We provide services to Architectural, Mechanical, Process Engineers, Designers & Consultants Companies. The company has been in the business of Drafting & Designing Engineering with a host of dynamic professional under its wings including Design Engineers, 3D modelers, & Draughtsman. Highly skilled CAD Technicians, Engineers, and high-speed Internet Infrastructure, Low Manpower Cost make an attractive choice for outsourcing CAD Drafting Services to assist your existing AutoCAD drawing production team. We added full-time staff for our design services. We provide services to Architectural, Mechanical, Process Engineers, Designers & Consultants Companies and have fully functional offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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