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Medical science is the important parts of modern science. It is the great gift for human life. In the ancient time, simple diseases were the cause of people’s death. They usually suffered fatally because of lack of proper medicine. That time they used Herbal medicine extracted from different herbs and tress. By the grace modern science, now we can take Allopathic medicines which are easier and faster than herbal medicine. There are different clinic and health complex have built to serve us. So, now we can take treatment from foot to head by the gift of Health & Medicine.

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All Business Categories
Ambulance Service
  1 Items
Animal Health
  2 Items
Ayurvedic & Herbal Products
  4 Items
  38 Items
Clinic-Drug Rehabilitation
  8 Items
  18 Items
  13 Items
  7 Items
Cosmetic Surgery
  1 Items
Diagnostic Centers & Pathological Lab.
  66 Items
Doctors - Anaesthestist
  15 Items
Doctors - Andrology
  1 Items
Doctors - Cardiac Surgeon
  3 Items
Doctors - Cardiology
  28 Items
Doctors - Chest
  11 Items
Doctors - Child Specialist
  19 Items
Doctors - Diabetologist
  6 Items
Doctors - Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)
  30 Items
Doctors - Gastroentrology & Liver
  17 Items
Doctors - General
  25 Items
Doctors - Gynecology
  22 Items
Doctors - Haematology
  1 Items
Doctors - Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgeon
  1 Items
Doctors - Homeopathy
  7 Items
Doctors - Laparoscopic Surgeon
  4 Items
Doctors - Medicine
  58 Items
Doctors - Microbiology
  1 Items
Doctors - Nephrology
  11 Items
Doctors - Neurology
  25 Items
Doctors - Oncology
  5 Items
Doctors - Ophthalmology (Eye)
  10 Items
Doctors - Orthopedics
  3 Items
Doctors - Pathology
  3 Items
Doctors - Pediatric Surgeon
  2 Items
Doctors - Plastic SurgeonDoctors - Plastic Surgeon
  1 Items
Doctors - Psychiatrist
  14 Items
Doctors - Radiology
  7 Items
Doctors - Skin & Venereal Disease
  8 Items
Doctors - Urology
  14 Items
Health Care Products
  7 Items
Homeopathic Pharmacy
  12 Items
  140 Items
Medical Centers
  44 Items
Medicine Importers, Exporters & Distributors
  15 Items
Medicine Stores
  27 Items
Nursing Home Care Service
  2 Items
Pharmaceutical Industries
  141 Items
Veterinary Clinics
  1 Items
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