Garments & Accessories

Garments are the number one economical sector of Bangladesh. By filling our demand, our garments companies can export Garment products to other countries. It is our self reliant sector. Bangladeshi garments sectors growth rate was extremely appreciated at the time when the world faced economic pain. Simultaneously, Bangladesh became the world’s second leading attire supplier (after China). This sector is profitable sector and adding huge foreign currency in fiscal.

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All Business Categories
Button & Hook
  7 Items
Furnishing Fabrics
  2 Items
Garments & Hosiery Whole Seller
  18 Items
Garments Accessories Manufacturer
  106 Items
Garments Accessories Supplier
  67 Items
Garments Buyers / Buying House
  233 Items
Garments Dyeing
  11 Items
Garments Embroidery
  11 Items
Garments Fabric Agent & Supplier
  23 Items
Garments Industries
  158 Items
Garments Knit Wears
  59 Items
Garments Printing & Stickers
  6 Items
Garments Washing & Finishing
  13 Items
  3 Items
Hat, Cap, Uniform Assemblers & Distributors
  8 Items
Prayer Cap
  1 Items
Readymade Garments
  28 Items
  4 Items
Sports Wear
  5 Items
Sweater Industries & Exporters
  29 Items
Zipper Manufacturers & Distributors
  10 Items
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